40×30 Battlemap – Aspirant’s Arena

Aspirant’s Arena

Sharpened wooden stakes point out from the cold, stone walls of a fighting pit. Bloodstains have soaked into its base, while an upper storey with a barrier lines its rim so viewers can watch the ensuing struggles. Candles and torches line the perimeter, providing ample illumination so nothing is missed. 

The temple the arena is housed in is built into a mountain, its entrance partially hidden by the winding chambers of stone. The first room is sumptuous, with comfortable seats and tables. Behind it is a reception, filled with desks and paperwork. Further in is a chamber filled with weapons on ragged red cloths, arrayed on various altars. Stairs lead down into the fighting pit, and hidden hallways lead to other places in the temple. 

A large practice hall is filled with timber training dummies, wildflowers and stone pillars. Five bedrooms branch off from the training area, each with two beds and a desk scattered with personal items. There is also a cellar filled with barrels of salted meats, beer, grains and dried herbs. 

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