Beastfolk Menagerie: The Complete Collection

Anthropomorphic characters are a staple of stories we tell, since the ancient beast fables and myths to the modern cartoons and video games. Now it’s time to include them as your player characters.

Beastfolk Menagerie presents a collection of almost a hundred of anthropomorphic animal species and subspecies presented as Savage Worlds races. Use them in a cartoon-style game, or to create animals mutated by strange ooze or radiation from The Bomb, present human-like creatures “infused” with animal spirit like in Gramel’s Friends of Wildstone Town, or simply treat them as races in a kitchen-sink fantasy setting.

This is the complete edition: everything from BM 1-3 combined in one book, typos and errors corrected, with a convenient index. I made the book more print-friendly and added new minimalistic illustrations.

But this is not just a collection. This book contains new species like wading birds, rabbits, milipedes, stingrays, giraffes and more, subspecies like wombats, mongoose, lemmings or flying squirrels.
There’s also two sections on creating hybrids and mythical beasts, for these who really like that half-pony half-dragon sorcerer with eyes of two different colors.
Finally, there’s four ideas for settings that use these rules:

  • steampunk space opera Into the Aetherverse
  • animesque cyberpunk superhero setting Synthoid 2091
  • cartoonish spy setting Agents of PAW
  • and the old school fantasy sandbox Tunnels and Toads.

The previous parts will still be available as PWYW, so that you can try them out and decide whether you’d like to buy the Complete Collection.

This product is priced at $4.99


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