Gangs of the Undercity Core Rulebook

It is the Year 450 by Neo-Babylonian Reckoning. The city of Neo-Babylon is a mega-urban monstrosity: a towering city serving as the world’s exemplar of arcane, technological, and consumerist materialism.

Beneath Neo-Babylon, a vast Undercity hides the unwanted and undesirable. Unstable magic, outdated tech, and the constant stream of garbage from the overcity have become invaluable commodities.

The Undercity is lawless. When Neo-Babylon collectively refused to offer food, security, or a sense of community in sufficient quantities…that’s when the Gangs stepped in.

Gangs of the Undercity is a cyberpunk/fantasy skirmish game set in the Undercity of Neo-Babylon. It is a 28mm miniatures game simulating gang warfare in a near-future fantasy world. 

In our Free Edition, which you can get here, you’ll find everything you need to play the game. Download it, share it with your pals, and give it to anyone who wants it! The game mechanics should feel familiar and easy, with unique twists. That version of the book includes:

  • Basic Rules, with everything a new player will need to jump into the action. 

  • Gang Templates, Rules for playing as one of the 12 most influential gangs.

  • Gang Creation, with rules to make your own distinct gang in Neo Babylon’s Undercity.

  • Solo Mode Play, so you have rules to play the game, even when there isn’t anyone else available.

  • 10 Scenarios, giving you unlimited playability and depth of experience.

  • Sample Gang Lists, premade lists for both the Flaming Skulls and the Valkyrs to get you into the action as soon as possible. 

For all of you die-hard gangers, this full version of Gangs of the Undercity has even more fun. This full version gives you all of the above, plus:

  • Introduction to the World of Neo Babylon, with tales of how the world diverged from our own, how Neo Babylon came to be, and what life is like in the Undercity.

  • Full Color, the full version brings the rulebook to life in stunning color, with beautiful art and illustrations to whet your appetite to play in this world. 

  • The Drakaina Letters, letters written by a former gang boss to each of the 12 gangs, urging them to unity, giving flavor for each gang, and contextualizing how things went so wrong and ended up in open warfare. 

  • Campaign Play, for when you want to add more RPG elements to your games. Every choice in every game is meaningful in wars fought over many battles, with turf changing hands and destinies being shaped.

  • Freebooters, who are off-beat or flavorful characters you can recruit into your gang alongside the die-hards.So leap forward, brave adventurer! The stars await you, and the wild glories of an untamed sky!

When the gangs go to war, no one is safe. Pick a side, hit the street, and fight. Your gang’s reputation, influence, and future depend on you!

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