The Citadel of Shaerael was a well-known landmark, administered by a respected lord. Unfortunately, his steward — a wicked man and a secret practitioner of the black arts — secretly betrayed Shaerael to an enemy power. The plan went into motion, resulting in the lord’s death. But the enemy leader, having ambitions of his own, turned on the steward, who in turn tried to defend himself with dark magic.

Something went wrong. All within were slain, and Shaerael itself disappeared. But every so often, when the stars align right on the night of the full moon, the citadel reappears, looking as though not a day had passed. Rumors abound that a great treasure is within, but a terrible curse awaits any who dare its walls…

Shaerael is a one-page, system-agnostic adventure designed for a group of fantasy characters. The adventure can be used with other genres with a little work, and includes a GM’s overview, hooks to get the characters involved, and two pointcrawl maps.

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