The Cliffs of Muhr

  • Four exciting and original settings/maps, each one unique and detailed.

  • Ten new monsters and NPCs including everything from the remanent shade of a long dead demi-god to an adolescent Cloud Giant!

  • The demi-god’s long-lost weapon, that imbues it’s wielder with divine strength.

  • A carefully prepared, and tested, format to make running the adventure easy and fun.

  • Stunning, printable, handouts of monsters, NPCs, locations and treasure.

  • High resolution maps for both DMs and PCs, specifically designed to be imported into your VTT of choice!

If you enjoy the Cliffs of Muhr, watch out for a map-pack with 3 new maps, deadly new monsters and exciting treasures, all designed to drop seamlessly into the adventure!  Coming soon!

 CoM_p3a.png CoM_p8a.png CoM_p24a.png CoM_p31a.png CoM_p36a.png

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