(English) The Future’s Shadow

David de Grey inherited the family mansion from his eccentric aunt Matilda. He has moved there with his wife Catherine and started to have nightmares about the beast chasing and devouring him. He is convinced that the house itself is haunted and has bad influence on him, so he decides to ask for help from his brother Ethan, the paranormal researcher. Ethan and his assistant Larry arrive at David’s house to investigate the case.

During their examination it turns out that the house is in fact haunted by ghosts. Thanks to Ethan’s devices, the Investigators can actually see the specters inhabiting the mansion. Their stories speak of the great tragedy that happened there over one hundred years ago…

“The Future’s Shadow” is the scenario for the 7th edition of Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. It was designed for a group of two to four Investigators. The scenario is a classic horror story and it was constructed to gradually increase tension. During the game the players’ characters investigate the history of an old mansion, discovering the family secret in the process. The scenario provides an intense session full of tension and terror.

The Investigators are directly entangled in the story and they have to uncover all its elements together. They are also connected with mutual relations and secrets which are the key aspects of the play. The story was designed to highlight all relationships and to uncover all secrets. Nevertheless, the players’ decisions are most important and they have crucial influence on the course of the plot.

Due to difficult themes brought up in the scenario it is intended for mature and experienced Keepers who can adjust their presentation of the problematic topics according to their own and their groups’ comfort level.

The scenario contains:

  • Comprehensive description of the plot.

  • Thorough characterizations of the Investigators.

  • Tips for running the scenario concerning:

  • selection and introduction of the Investigators,

  • gradual tension building techniques,

  • description examples,

  • music backgrounds suggestions.

  • Detailed map of the location together with the descriptions of interactions that can take place in the specific locations.

  • Example endings.

When you’re buying this scenario, you’re receiving:

  • High quality scenario with graphics and fonts converted to curves – it is ideal for reading on the bigger screen.

  • Printer friendly version of the scenario (black-and-white text without any graphics).

  • Handouts for the players in high quality, designed for printing.

  • Interactive PDF files of the Investigators’ sheets.

This product is priced at $4.99


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