The Future We Saw

This is the ZERO edition of the game. The game is finished, but this is a living document. You will receive free updates.

Cyberpunk is a 1980s genre about the fear of the future. That future is now.

The Future We Saw a game of politics conducted through other means, while the early 2020s Capitalism is in its death throes.

Blackmail. Murder. Hacking. Infiltration. Corruption. The kind of fiction that you wish fake news sites authors would write about, if they could write. The Future We Saw is about current politics, seen through the lenses of cyberpunk concerns and fear. Play as agents for one of many organizations, working behind the scenes. 

Centered about faction play, the characters are fixers, assassins and hackers working for a political group or a corporation, helped in their missions by Seers, normal people that due to AI-related trauma have internalized the AI immense prediction capabilities, and can use them for their own sake.

The game features:

  • Four classes of fixers: the Veteran, the PsyOp, the Specialist, the Seer. 5E compatible.
  • Future Sights: how to use the Seers’ predictive power in play, and in which ways they impact and shape the campaign.
  • Mental Health: Stress, Burnout, Breakdown.
  • New combat: firearms, tactical armour, grisly wounds.
  • Factions: how the five type of factions vie for power and interact with each other. 
  • Mission rules, procedures to structure play through missions, and provisioning of equipment (there is no shopping list)
  • Schemes, high level machinations of Factions, how to grow and evolve them.
  • Dublin2020, a Dublin-centric campaign, written by Erin Nieudan.

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