Welcome Paul!

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Please join me in welcoming Paul to the community! Especially for unlocking the reward detailed below!!

Thank you so much for supporting me here at GMD Online, I’m very humbled and it helps me produce amazing products for you to download and have for free.

By being a member of GMD Online means that you now have access to every single product I make for FREE. With a little patience and time, you will unlock access to a variety of gaming books, accessories, comics and art.

Make sure to connect your Discord to our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/VnnANJX

By joining the GMD Online community not only do you get access to the rewards found in the XP Chart here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/46203712

By joining our community you have unlocked an amazing reward and opened the pathway to another! 

CORE World – Chosen by you!

Once we as a community reach this milestone, I will add to the XP Chart to download for FREE and update monthly a CORE World Chosen by Patreon via Polls.

  • CORE World (Campaign Setting) to be developed & Updated each month of the communities choosing!

I will set up a poll ASASP for you to decide which CORE World you would like to see next…

How exciting is that! …

What’s the next Goal?

OMG! Have we got a juicy reward next… Check this out: 

CORE Miniatures!!

Once we as a community reach this milestone, I will create Miniatures in a genre chosen via polls by Patreon Members.

  • I will then add them to the XP Chart to be ordered for FREE (postage free too!) by Patreon Members.

Each time I complete a Miniature I will then start another poll to choose another one! OMG right?!

How much XP do you have?

You earn XP at a rate equal to your level of support. So the length of time you are with us times by the support level is your XP.

I’m afraid there is no other way to implement that yet (I am working on it…) But the quickest way is to start clicking on rewards above your current XP Value and see what you get access to.

Start with 1 XP to test. If you cannot access 1XP Rewards

  • 1: make sure you are logged into GMD Online with your Patreon Account (Click login with Patreon)
  • 2: If you still cannot get access contact me, the site may need to be reconnected again. It is apparently a security measure that Patreon takes… Apparently…

So finally, welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Take part in voting on polls and commenting on any feedback and even join me on Fridays live while I work on maps/comic art/ book art and talk games and life!


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