Wilderness Encounters 100 pg Bonus

13 Adventuring locations out in the trackless wilderness! (For any RPG)
What lurks in the great outdoors? Now’s your chance to find out – If you’re brave enough…

Wilderness Enounters takes you and your players out of the city and back into the woods, the wilds, the deserts and far from the madding crowd. Includes a Lamia’s Lair, The Tomb of the Vashkari, A Troll Hole, the Maze of the Man-Bull, a Haunted Pool with Ruins, a Giant Hornet’s Nest, A Serpantmen’s Nest and many more.  Like the Citybooks, each location is described with characters, creatures, locations, maps and some scenario suggestions.

Plus we’ve added over 20 more pages of content including a detailed Land Type generator and description guide that you can use to teleport players to random locations and immeditately be able to describe each of the 12 locations in rich detail to your players. You can also use it to help inspire you to create your own locations for running GM adventures.

For ANY Fantasy Role Playing System, and not just thinly. All the descriptions and mechanics are in generic terms so it will fit in with whatever campaign system you are using. 

This product is priced at $7.95


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