Monster Roster IV: Abyssal Abominations

“A helpful codex of monstrous creatures inspired by the legends of the darkest depths from all over the world”

The Monster Roster is a complete and highly detailed manual of 15 unique and interesting monsters for your Dungeon World games. 

Each creature featured in Monster Roster is built on the real life myths and lore surrounding the deepest parts of the ocean, as told from nearly every corner of the globe.  Creatures from biblical myth, Hawaii, Maori and Cameroonian tales, Scottish legends and more are present, along with several monsterized versions of real life deep sea horrors.  As a bonus and first for the Monster Roster series, this volume contains a Build Your Own Kaiju section for extra help creating huge titans on the fly.

Monster Roster IV: Abyssal Abominations is a robust showcase of tremendous and powerful encounters to liven up your play sessions and provide a rich cast of possible antagonists to surprise and challenge your players.  These encounters vary greatly in difficulty, scope of power, temperament, goals, and abilities, giving GMs fun and exiting new ways to get those narrative hooks that leave PCs recounting their RPG war stories forever.

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