“When a Miskatonic archeologist uncovers an ancient idol defaced with Viking runes, he knows it could be the crowning achievement of his career.

When he discovers its true purpose, he won’t be the only person who’s crushed…”

Brought to you by award-winning Chaosium licensee, Type40, Crushed is the seventh Call of Cthulhu adventure in the monthly Seeds of Terror range. 

Written by Phil Anderson, (Terror Australis), Crushed is designed to be played in a single evening of terror with 4 – 5 players.

What do you get?

  • A concise, easy-to-run adventure

  • Five pregenerated Call of Cthulhu investigators

  • Rockport Showing Dig Site

  • Manning’s Translation

  • The Type40 team’s eternal gratitude for indulging our love of horror and Call of Cthulhu

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About Seeds of Terror

Type40’s goal is to create a series of accessible and exciting scenarios for Call of Cthulhu that Keepers can pick up and run in one evening. 

Each Seed of Terror is a concise, easy-to-run Call of Cthulhu adventure designed for a single session of exciting play. Suitable for 4 to 5 players, they include maps, handouts, and five ready-to-play investigators. Everything needed to play has been presented as clearly as possible for a quick fun game. No need for hours of Keeper preparation, just pick one up, have a quick read, and dive right in!

An important goal of each adventure is to remove barriers of entry to new players. Leaning heavily on well-known tropes but at the same time subverting normal expectations, the Seeds of Terror line explores easily-referenced and familiar situations to help immerse players in the action.

Seeds of Terror are perfect for introducing new players to Call of Cthulhu.

This product is priced at $8.99


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