Lovecraftian Achievements – a Zgrozy supplement

This supplement contains a series of printable cards, which allows Keepers to reward their players with video game-like Achievements in the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

This release contains a guide, two PDF files with the Achievements themselves, and a collection of cards compressed in .zip format. The first PDF – Lovecraftian Achievements – contains each Achievement on a separate page. The second one – Fillable Achievements – contains the same pages but with fillable fields, ready for your text. Both prepared and fillable Achievements are available as separate .jpg files in the .zip archive as well.

The guide suggests how to award players with Achievements and how to handle them during live and online play. It also contains advice on how to use them as scenario generators or a way of finding common ground with the players.

Lovecraftian Achievements is a release in the Zgrozy line. To find out more visit our Facebook page (/ZgrozyEN) or see our other English releases. “Zgrozy” is a slightly archaic Polish word for “Horrors” or “Terrors.” Following advice from English-speaking Cthulhu fans, we decided to keep the original title for foreign releases since it sounds suitably unspeakable and blasphemous to non-Polish ears. You’ll find a file with the correct pronunciation of Zgrozy attached to the supplement!

Below you can see two sample Achievements in their filled and fillable forms. For more of them, click the supplement’s preview options.

A Mountain Walked: your investigator has met an entity that defies human conceptions of size and proportion.

This product is priced at $4.99


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