100 Encounters for a Fantasy Desert (3Deep)

Deserts are mysterious and sometimes deadly places to traverse, with heat and lack of water combining to kill the unwary. This supplement has 100 different encounters that a GameMaster can use to liven up a desert journey, or perhaps make it even more dangerous. Some are interesting, some may lead to new places and some will be harmful to the unwary. The different encounters have been strongly influenced by Ancient Egypt, with lost pharaohs and hidden tombs, with an element of Arabia, but are suitable more most fantasy desert.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Huge bone ribs partially protrude from the sand, with the rest of the creature buried beneath. Excavation will uncover the rest of the creature, and it can be identified as the skeletal remains of a whale (an Outdoor (Logic) roll to confirm), many hundreds of miles from the nearest sea.
  • In a circle 100′ in diameter the fire is blackened and charred. The area appears to have been exposed to a lot of heat, although not enough to melt the sand into glass.
  • In the sand is an alabaster scroll case. If it is opened, it contains a papyrus scroll. The scroll is ancient, fragile and covered with hieroglyphs. If they can be read (a Communications (Logic) roll with -4), they seem to give the directions to a long-lost pharaonic tomb.
  • Large sigils have been scribed into the surface of the sand, each many feet across. The sigils appear to be written in a circle, although nothing appears to be in its centre. Given the wind, the sigils cannot have been written very long ago, no more than a day, otherwise they would have been erased.
  • Lightning strikes several times at the ground in the distance. Thunder is heard shortly afterwards, although no sign of clouds can be seen.

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The supplement is also available in the following versions: Lore 100, System neutral and Pathfinder. You do not need all versions.

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