The Sosnovka Raid


According to Soviet Intelligence, the tiny village of Sosnovka in the Caucasus Mountains holds a German supply dump that must be destroyed. A three-aircraft Section of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment has been tasked with destroying the depot, whatever it takes. As usual, the women of the regiment will drop their bombs and return for more however many times are necessary in order to destroy the German emplacement.

The Sosnovka Raid is set in World War II and involves the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, a group composed entirely of woman. The Soviet regiment was termed “Nachthexen” or “Night Witches” by the German soldiers for their tactic of gliding over enemy positions in antiquated biplanes to drop bombs, bricks, railroad ties, or whatever else they had on the invaders.

The Sosnovka Raid was originally written as a four-hour convention scenario. The Call of Cthulhu scenario is set in December, 1942, as the 588th fly nightly in an attempt to drive the Germans from the Soviet Union. This raid is just like any other, isn’t it?

The Sosnovka Raid includes:

– A 24-page fully-illustrated scenario set in the Caucasus Mountains in 1942 during World War II.

– Eight fleshed-out Non-Player Characters as well as stats for the psoglav, a Slavic ghoul.

– Information on the psoglav, a Slavic creature of the underworld.

– Maps of the village of Sosnovka.

– Information on common German and Soviet Weapons of the era.

– Three handouts, two with background information the airwomen might know from folklore or myth, and one with information on a Nazi journal/mythos tome.

– NPC and investigator portraits to share with the players.

– A flag of the Soviet Union for use with the Keeper’s screen.

– Six Pregenerated airwomen of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment.

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