Guidelines: Wealth, Status, and Society

This game aid is meant to transform the tracking of character wealth from an accounting exercise that can feel rather divorced from the rest of the game, to an integrated piece of the narrative that many prefer to be the backbone of a campaign.  Using this system, the Games Master and players alike might more naturally identify opportunities for further adventures and character development.

In addition to material wealth, these guidelines address related concepts of status, class, reputation, and societal organization.  Building upon and synthesizing ideas and rules from core MYTHRAS, its supplements, and other sources, Wealth, Status, and Society presents a cohesive toolkit for addressing how a character fits into the larger milieu of culture and civilization in your game world.

To be clear, Wealth, Status, and Society has been crafted specifically for the MYTHRAS gaming system.  Any compatibility with other systems is fortuitous.  You may find some inspiration here, though.

You are free to use this material in your own game world, for fun.  If you are interested in doing more than that, such as incorporating it into a scenario or campaign setting for publication, please contact us.

Wealth, Status, and Society is offered as Pay What You Want.  If you like it, please consider leaving a tip, but in any case it’s yours for the taking.  Happy gaming!

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