Curse of Strahd – Old Bonegrinder – TaleSpire Edition

Virtual Tabletop Journey presents the iconic Curse of Strahd – The Bonegrinder recreated for use in TaleSpire! With only a few quick copy/pastes, your adventurers can start their investigation of the macabre windmill!

This book enhances the original Curse of Strahd module, which you will still need. If you are just starting your campaign, I also recommend getting a Guide to the Curse of Strahd campaign.

This book includes…

  • 2 revised room descriptions which accurately reflect rooms visible to players.
  • Details about the challenges of converting 2D maps to 3D.
  • Slab assembly instructions and advice.

Two extremely detailed TaleSpire slabs!

  • Full Bonegrinder
  • Hollow Bonegrinder

But wait, there’s more!

As TaleSpire is updated with features and props, the boards present in this book will be updated!


This product is priced at $4.99


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