Cyber Dystopia – Streetfights Map Pack

Cyber Dystopia maps are designed for use with any of your favorite sci-fi or cyberpunk games.

Each map is gridless and is enabled for use with your choice of VTT software. The maps are 22″x22″ (2100 x 2100px) and can be shrunk to any size that you need.

In this pack:

Continuing our offerings of different maps for your cyberpunk and sci-fi games, we introduce the Streetfights Pack! This pack includes four open-area maps that feature various street locations for your encounters to break out in. Three of these maps are open streets, with one of them being our Wrong Street map, and finally there is a Night Club map that offers a place for back-alley deals to be made.

*These files come in JPG format and are able to be uploaded to VTT software such as Roll20. File sizes have been shrunk to accomodate.





This product is priced at $4.99


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