Our Stormy Present

The Empire stands triumphant. Be it through military might, market dominance, or control over culture and the Church, it has established itself as the greatest power on the planet. Few countries or organizations oppose The Empire in a meaningful way; none can be said to truly threaten it.

That changes now.

OUR STORMY PRESENT is a pen-and-paper RPG designed to evoke the console RPGs of our youth. Released for a system that never was, by the developers you always wanted.

  • Play as one of eight Archetypes; break heads and show your friends your hidden depths as the Roughneck, make money (and problems) as the Scoundrel, and turn the Empire’s weapons against it while trying to step one step ahead of the shadows of your past as the Turncoat.
  • Comes with three suggested settings and a framework to build your own. Travel through the land of dreams, fighting off the machinations of Fae and Future, in SWIRLING INK IN COUNTLESS COLORS. Liberate a world gripped by the schemes of cold war superpowers in WAR UNDER THREE MOONS. Bring food and fuel to the corners of the world while evading the brutal Fire Brigade in NEON-STAINED SNOW.
  • Take the fight to the Empire from the prow of your Airship, whether it be a cutting-edge prototype, a creaky old corsair, or a flying oarfish.

Book contains descriptions of fantasy violence and brief references to drugs/alcohol.

This product is priced at $18.00


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