QAD: Family Histories – 101 Grazelander Character Backgrounds

As every gamemaster knows a casual encounter can take unexpected turns and suddenly a simple conversation with a shopkeeper or fellow patron of a watering hole can thrust that NPC into the lime light as a significant actor in the game and that first impressions will fix a certain view in the player’s mind which may be difficult to satisfactorily change retrospectively.

Here is where Quick And Dirty (QAD) Family Histories can help.
Each publication contains 101 pre-generated family histories with potted history, extended family members, starting passions, skills and notes from the family history creation process that provide the framework for a character that can be used in a pinch and fleshed out when time is available.

Each publication takes one of the seven main homelands detailed in the RuneQuest: Roleplaying In Glorantha rule book and uses the Family History (RQG Family History) rules to create a potted history for a character.
Using this as a framework the additional family details like siblings and aunts and uncles are fitted in to the history both as extended family members but also to provide guardians should grandparents and parents meet untimely ends. Family members are assigned first names based on the common structure of the Homeland in question, dates for birth and death and spouse if married.
Finally as part of the RQG Family History creation process a character may have acquired views, passions, skills and even unusual items, these are listed in their own section. Where possible everything has been pre calculated for ease of use but some preferences like passions are listed as actionable events and left to the gamemaster or player to fit in to their game.

Each background contains the following sections:

  • Heritage
  • Ancestral Focus
  • Potted History
  • Family Relations

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