When the Cat’s Away – T&T solo

3 Solo adventures in one 80 Page Book!
Out of print for many years and now available on Drive-thrurpg!

When the Cat’s Away – In your first adventure you are an apprentice to Servald the Wizard, who has left you alone in his sanctuary, while he is on business. For the first time, you have a chance to really explore the place. What mischief can you get into before he gets back, and will you survive long enough to find out?  

Sorcerer Solitaire 2 – The Aged One sends you out on a quest to the cursed Vaning House in search of the Princess Nanus and to solve the riddle of what happened at this dark place 50 years ago. There are great magical treasures and just as many evil guardians hidden in the old ruin. Can your wits & magic succed where others have failed?

Solo for the Intellectually Challenged – You are a peasant, tending a flock of sheep, when you find a cave in the mountains. The cave looks as if its filled with dangerous magic… so you decide to go in!? Are you stupid enough to survive this ultimate solo parody?

Plus the art has been upgraded, there is a historical essay about the solos of this era, and we included a classic 5th edition blank T&T character sheet.

This book contains 3 adventures for use with Tunnels & Trolls. The first two solitaire adventures are suitable for low and mid-level magic-using humanoid characters, with adds of 10-45. The third solitaire is for any beginning character. You will need the T&T or Deluxe T&T rules to play this adventure. (All originally designed for 5th edition T&T.) 

This product is priced at $5.95


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