The Augur Supporter Edition: A VTT for Ironsworn

A virtual tabletop designed for solo RPGs, play and create amazing stories using a game designed to help immerse yourself in the narrative and stimulate your creativity. Maps, scenes, battles, Avatars, Portraits, Oracles, Tables, journals, notebooks, Equipment, Items, and Enemies. The Augur has everything. Based on the amazing Ironsworn RPG and limited only by your own imagination, there is nothing you cannot do in this game. 

The Augur: MapThe Augur: Lore

What can you with The Augur?

  • Create a world that evolves as you play, use the included world map or add any of your own choosing; populate it with locations and dungeons, each with its own unique map. Every location can have its own lore and story.
  • Log all your adventures in the journal, a place where all your rolls and tests are automatically recorded and where you can write your own entries with images and icons.
  • All the Oracles for Ironsworn are in The Augur, craft amazing stories as you draw inspiration from the best Solo RPG system created to date.
  • Create your character, with attributes, portraits, avatars, weapons, armors and more you can customize and create a character that fits to your vision and fantasy.
  • Fight many foes and enemies using Ironsworn’s battle system adapted for use within The Augur, it tracks your progress, initiative and harm. Includes foes with illustrations that you can put in your map to envision your encounters.
  • Create rich lore for your world as you play with the powerful notebook feature that allows you to add description and story to any location, foe and object in the game.

The Augur is an ever-evolving game, new features and improvements are added constantly.

The Augur: ScenesThe Augur: Combat

Exclusive content for the Supporter Edition

The supporter edition of The Augur is packed with extra content: 50 Portraits, 11 detailed Foes, 41 Maps and scenes, 68 Icons, 15 Avatars, 100 weapons and armors you can wear and wield, a pdf of a World Setting you can use in your games. Your purchase of this version goes a long way towards the development of The Augur. All income from the Supporter Edition goes towards further development and new features for The Augur.

The Augur: Equipment

Supporter Edition


The Augur: Free

All the gaming, questing, journaling and mapping features and all the foes, assets oracles and moves from the Ironsworn rulebook are part of the free version. The map feature has some limitations:  You can have only one world or main map at a time and this map and any site within can have a maximum of three objects each (Foes, Sites or Avatars for now). The Equipment and Inventory system is exclusive to the Supporter Edition of The Augur. Get the Free version of The Augur from this Link

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. For windows just download, extract and play. If you are using Mac or Linux follow the instructions enclosed within the *.rar file.

This product is priced at $14.95


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