100 Encounters for Fantasy Mountains (Lore 100)

Mountains can be dangerous places in and of themselves, being home to such as mud- and rockslides, avalanches, high winds, freezing conditions and potential falls. This supplement has 100 different encounters that can be used to add extra detail to a mountain journey or as a source of adventure hooks. Some are potentially useful, some are potentially hazardous and some are simply odd.

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Here are some sample results:

Dense trees hide a sudden drop-off from view. The trees suddenly disappear, revealing the top of a steep cliff. Travellers who are going through the trees too fast may not have enough time to stop (characters travelling at a speed faster than walking pace must make an Average Athletics roll to stop in time; those who fail must make a Hard Athletics roll to grab onto a root or outcropping to avoid falling off the cliff).

Dying trees cover the mountain’s slope here. Each tree has had the bark stripped off the trunk to a height about 6′ above the ground. (An Average Science (Nature) roll or an Average Survival roll to determine that this damage is animal in origin.)

Far above, what appears to be a stone balcony protrudes from the side of a cliff.

Four figures are making their way up the mountain’s slope. They initially appear to be quite close, until it is realised (an Average Intelligence roll) that they are actually very large and some distance away.

Freshly uprooted trees and scars in the mountain’s slope show where a recent landslide has ploughed through the treeline.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter and two thirds of a page is ads.

The supplement is also available in the following versions: Pathfinder and system neutral. You do not need all versions.

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