Playing with Goblins

Under the darker boughs of Davokar, the goblins play their wicked games against any who dare. The goblins play for fun and pain, for grimaces and wicked laughs, but also for a more sombre purpose. Winners will earn riches while losers will pay a bloody tribute. Dare you enter the games?

While Playing with Goblins starts off more lighthearted and humorous than the typical Symbaroum fare, the adventure will get quite darker very quickly. It is the perfect story to invite your friends over for a beer and pretzels night of gaming that will suddenly go sideways… 

The 37 page adventure includes:

  • Three fully detailed adventure landscapes: the Goblin Village, the Hollow Tree and The Hunt!
  • Stats and descriptions for over a dozen goblin characters and tips on how to roleplay them.
  • 3 crazy goblin games for the player characters to participate in.
  • The saddest troll you’ve ever met.
  • A terrifying hunt with a dedicated set of random terrain and events to run it.
  • GM’s maps of the Goblin Village and The Hunt!
  • Player’s maps of the Goblin Village and The Hunt!
  • A battlemap of The Hollow Tree
  • A new Artefact
  • A convenient layout using two page spreads and boxed text for ease of play.

Playing with Goblins can be run as a standalone adventure, or used with the upcoming Mysteries of the East Marshes to form a mini-campaign.

This product is priced at $4.95


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