Dungeon Backdrop: The Shard Isles (P2)

A GM’s Resource by Bart Wynants

The sea swells with fury. All around you, great walls of black water rise menacingly, only to break apart upon the jagged rocks surrounding the islet. Their thunderous roar drowns out the voices of your companions and the salty spray stings your eyes, leaving you blind, deaf and chilled to the bone. It’s hard to believe only moments ago, you walked here from the shore across the reeking silt, the sullen waves still churning at a safe distance. Then rose the ravenous tide to greedily devour your footprints in the mud. With the the brine now lapping hungrily at your heels, you gather a lungful of air and force open your eyes, catching a blurry glimpse of the savage water-world boiling up around you. With a prayer on your shivering lips, you barely make the jump across, pulling yourself up on a fistful of rotted kelp. Mere seconds later, another wave crashes in, roaring its frustration at your escape. Yet the inexorable tide continues to rise, and the greedy waves may claim you as their prey before retreating to the deep…

This Dungeon Backdrop is designed to work with the Lonely Coast campaign setting but can be easily inserted into almost any fantasy campaign.

About Dungeon Backdrops

You are a GM, but you are busy. You want to write your own modules, but you just don’t have the time. And you don’t want to use commercial modules. You want to make your campaign your own. That’s where the Dungeon Backdrop line comes in! Each Dungeon Backdrop presents a fully fleshed out and lovingly detailed self-contained dungeon ready for you to use as you see fit. Stock the dungeon with your own monsters (and—perhaps—their treasure), decide their back story and you are good to go.

Every Dungeon Backdrop is carefully designed to be easily inserted into almost any fantasy campaign. Dungeon Backdrops: we describe the dungeon, you add the monsters (and the treasure).

This product is a Dual Format PDF. It comes in two different versions: one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad.

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