Gaia Awakening: The Block

In Gaia Awakening: The Block you assume the role of a trusted member of the Block’s community. You will  require the Gaia Awakening Core Rulebook (CRB), two six-sided dice (2d6), along with a pen and paper or word-processing document, to play.

The story is set up with an Introduction, a handful of Location Details and a few pertinent Story Points. The rest is down to you, and your imagination. Use the entirety of the CRB and any Gai Awakening Expansions to assist you.

The Actions you take should depend on who and what you see, and how you wish to interact. Keep a record of your story and adapt it as per the results of each Action.

As you progress you will see that you are behaving as your own Storyteller, creating the interactive world in which you are playing.



It is said that some were never truly severed from the connection to the Universal Source of Energy, which grants humanity it’s Magical abilities. Within a unified Coven of their own, the Tamadusa found a way, thousands of years ago, to offer their own body and soul as hosts in order to harness the Energy of powerful beings. The price for such a bargain is one’s own natural and mortal life force, as the Universe recognises balance in all things. There is also no way to determine which hungry beings from beyond the veil of human perception choose to find home in their welcoming vessels. These beings, known as Zeratumin (those from the Unreachable), scour the cosmos looking for ways to penetrate the corporeal realm. As humans are not able to comprehend their realm in it’s entirety, the Zeratumin demonstrate their influence by exponentially magnifying the traits of the Tamadusa they inhabit. The collective goal of the Zeratumin is to bridge the gap between the corporeal and Unreachable realms, manipulating Universal Energy in a quest to shred the veil. This is, of course, entirely unbeknown to the Tamadusa. Each host is granted access to enhanced Magical Abilities, along with the Zeratumin’s regenerative essence. The sacrifice the Tamadusa make is payment enough in their eyes, and the consequences of their actions have yet to be witnessed.

 With the resurgence of a meaningful connection to the Source, and a sudden influx of the Tamadusa’s number, other beings are now making their way to the surface of Gaia. It seem the Legacy are not the only ones who wish to keep humanity’s Magic checked and balanced.

 You are no stranger to the Block, a so-called no-go area for “decent” people. Whether it’s a sense of belonging or the desire to achieve something more than you were not born to, you call the Block your home and it is your land of opportunity. The gangs, hustlers and rogue Practitioners you run with are your chosen family. When you are called upon to convene with the Block’s inner circle – the Illyrian Monarchs – you witness an inevitable collision of beings that will change your life forever. 

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