Marble Marshes

This Zone Compendium for “Mutant: Year Zero” game is translated from the Russian original “Marble Marshes” made by Studio 101

The grey sky had been crying tears of drizzling cold rain over the ground for several days now. Each step was more difficult than the last, with the swampy ground sucking at the travellers’ feet and vyak-vyaks circling overhead as mementoes to dark thoughts, singing their vile song. Agafon limped, one leg all but useless after an unlucky fight with a razorback. Mora helped him along, but he kept on repeating: “I won’t make it far.” “The hell you won’t,” Mora responded in a growling tone. Orpho, Agafon’s dog, smelled the air with a loud huff and whimpered. “We make it to the Bridge and then we rest. It’ll be great, you’ll see!” Mirza was an optimist and it was infectious, coming from her. She knew how to find the words and how to say them, even if the situation was dire. “And if it isn’t all that great, I can always make you a scrap leg,” Ignat offered, trying to help. “Look!” Mirza raised her hand, pointing skyward as the sun broke through the grey tapestry of clouds and instantly reflected off a large, golden ray crowning an Ancient building…

Zone Compendium “Marble Marshes” is a supplement to “Mutant: Year Zero” that lays bare the secrets of the Ancients’ Northern Capital (inspired by Saint-Petersburg). Within this book are four new special Sectors, tied up in a single storyline, a map of the Marble Marshes, new monsters, Ark projects, artefacts, and rules for forklift and battle car fights!

  • Special sector “The Bridge”. The PCs dive right into an interconnected conflict, concerning politics and power. Whose side will they take? Will they be able to stop the bloodshed or will they become its cause?
  • Special sector “Two Crosses”. This civilized settlement seems to have everything under control. It hosts a Tradehouse, a Gamehouse, and a Renthouse where tired travelers can spend the night. However, a schism is brewing amongst the Playful God’s followers…
  • Special sector “Big Build”. Big Build offers the promise of something grandiose. Lights are seen in the night, slaves are gathered, scrap and artifacts are hauled there. They say that the “Northern Star,” whatever that is, rises over Big Build.
  • Special sector “The Seaport Lands”. They say that the Steel Caverns of those lands are home to speaking animals who learned how to talk to their riding cars and see the future…
  • Rumors. Each sector holds its own rumor section that will allow the GM to give out story hooks about events, places, and monsters within the Marble Marshes.
  • New artifacts, including a tabletop game, crossbow with a revolving cylinder, and a lifeboat. Rules for playing tabletop games.
  • Unique events, mishaps, and landscape tables.
  • New People’s projects, for example, chess, pigeon post, tabletop roleplaying games, moving ark, etc.
  • Nine new monsters, including the Megapigeons, bloodsuckers, and vyak-vyaks.
  • Rules for running forklift and battle car tournaments, as well as rules for building and “taming” your own battle car!

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