You are in the land where all cultures of the world cross. Here, you can find the gods from all over the world, denizens from all parts of the globe, and followers of all pantheons. Peace is the rule of the land, but it is not easy to maintain as parts of all sides might not want it, and chaos seems so easy to happen here. But between the good people, the fun culture, and the blessing of the many gods, you can’t help but use your powers to maintain this peace.

You are in Brazil.

Find your path among the roads, cultures, and gods of the country. The Pindorama book details how the country of Brazil works in the World, from the natural to the supernatural, so your hero can defy the fate of this land.

This book includes:

  •         A summary of the country’s history and geography, and a mundane and supernatural description of important cities.
  •         Two Pantheons of the country: the Yibiás (previously known as the Enondeara), one of the Native Pantheons of the country, and the Orixás, the Brazilian mantles of the Orìshàs, with the sub-pantheon of the Entidades, the evolved spirits who work with and for the Orixás.
  •         Information of the Brazilian setting for any game of Scion, from a few government systems to how the supernatural would appear, be it native or foreign.
  •         Over 20 new Antagonists for your group to face, and over 60 new Birthrights for your group to use, as well as new Paths, Denizen Callings, and more.

This book requires Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero books.

This product is priced at $10.00


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