The Coriolis Community Atlas

Travel farther than ever in this massive new expansion to the Third Horizon. From the opulent palaces and endless shifting sands of Dabaran to the menacing ossuaries of Zalos, from the war-torn wastes and yawning mines of Algol to the wondrous ruins of Altai, the Community Atlas of the Third Horizon breathes new life into the reaches of the Third Horizon.

Originally published by the Free League as the swedish “Atlas över Horisonten”, this community-translated compendium expands on the original work and gives english-speaking players around the world everything they need to flesh out their adventures in Zalos, Mira, Odacon, Dabaran, Algol, and Sadaal — as well as brand new chapters for the mysterious Quadrant of the Pillar. With over 100 pages of lore, maps, charts, and more, your journeys through the Third Horizon are about to get a whole lot more colorful.

This book includes:

  • Lore-stuffed chapters on Zalos, Mira, Odacon, Dabaran, Algol, Sadaal, and the systems of the Quadrant of the Pillar. 
  • Complete astronomical maps for each featured system.
  • Detailed information on each system’s history, geography, culture, politics, religion, and more.
  • Official Coriolis Artwork never before released in english publications
The Community Atlas is available for free to anyone who also owns the official Coriolis Atlas Compendium (check your DTRPG library). By purchasing the Community Atlas you directly support future updates to the Atlas, as all proceeds will be used for additional illustrations.

This product is priced at $9.99


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