Simple Starship Combat

A simplified replacement for Chapter 9 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, intended for groups who aren’t interested in poring over starship stats and who do not currently enjoy starship combat, but aren’t ready to eliminate it entirely from their campaigns.

Combat rules are just 2 pages (1 rules page, 1 actions page). Rather than taking separate roles and fighting over who gets to be captain and who gets stuck as the science officer, players work together to decide on the actions of their ship. Hits are intentionally powerful, tactical movement is rewarded, shields are assumed to be calculated into the existing AC and never need rebalancing, and combat is ideally resolved in just a few rounds.

This also reduces the need for understanding or caring about the systems and features of any given ship. Your players no longer have to worry whether their power unit is strong enough, nor whether they have a turret or a cannon, and so on. The sheer size of a ship is enough to clue them in on whether they would be wiser to fight or take flight.

For some, this may be too simple. For others, this is a quick and fun way to have starship combat
in their space game without also learning a complex new system of rules, and building and
optimizing starships piece by piece in order to stay alive out in the far reaches of space.

If you find Starfinder ship combat problematic, this is for you!

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