Tarsakh Village

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This area was “reclaimed” from the Azurewood a few generations ago, and there are a few reminders nearby of that provenance. There are old elven ruins and a set of caves that were once home to elven slave beasts in the woods near the manor, and occasionally electrum coins, buckles, and bits of gear can be found in the Flatbrong working their way down from the hills and old battlefields.

There are several smaller and hardier farming encampments within a day’s walk of Tarsakh – small walled compounds where extended families work their free lands without having to tithe to the manor. Most of these bring grain to Tarsack’s mill and then bring home flour, and leave word at the temple as to what stocks they have a surplus of and what they are needing for the coming year.

The lord of Tarsakh Manor, Molero Furium, tithes well to the temple and maintains a small number of men at arms to help rally the townfolk in times of crisis. Generally, this means guards on the bridge and posted at the manor looking down over the town when there’s been unrest or unwelcome guests – or the full retreat of all townfolk into the manor compound when more dangerous situations arise.



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