Expeditious Excursions – Dormant Dungeon

Nearby, there is an old dungeon entrance that was sealed hundreds of years ago. This dungeon is on the private property of a noble, who would like it opened. Your mission should you choose to accept it will be to travel to the entrance, and open the door by any means. The following clues have been passed down through the generations to aid in opening this door.
“Twenty-Five Produce The Five.” & “Create Stacks To Break The Wax.”

This adventure is best played with a group of 1-5 characters of level 4-6.

Includes VTT Compatible Map!


Expeditious Excursions are freelance employment opportunities advertised & assigned by FEEF
(Federation of Expeditious Excursion Facilitation) a guild operating in every corner of the multi-verse.
They have grand halls in large cities, and simultaneously have operations running in tiny village taverns. If you’d like to include FEEF in your game on a recurring basis, check out the optional supplement of the same name below!

You can run this as a one-shot, an add-on to any other campaign, or turn a string of excursions into a campaign of their own.

While some excursions may be themed, (i.e. forest, desert, snow covered) they are setting neutral and the exact location of the objective is for the GM to decide. Many other aspects, like the disposition & attributes of NPCs are also left to GM discretion. *More freedom does mean more prep work, or improvisation.

Each excursion includes the following:

  • An Objective.
  • A keyed map of the objective location in the PDF for the GM, and a separate player friendly VTT compatible version.
  • A per player gold reward.
  • An experience breakdown (If you prefer event based leveling you can still use the xp breakdown to determine if the adventure was enough to level or not).

In addition, excursions may include the following:

  • Unique Creatures & monsters (A separate VTT token included if applicable)
  • Unique Gear & Magic Items

Interested in the in-world organization behind this freelance employment opportunity? 
Check out FEEF!


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