Coriolis: The Prophetess of Marakanda


The Prophetess of Marakanda is a legendary artefact that has been lost for centuries. It is said that whoever sleeps near her dreams of the future. Now the Prophetess has appeared on the Coriolis space station – only to disappear again immediately. On behalf of a Zenithian art collector, the player characters set out to find the relic. Soon they find themselves caught up in a murderous intrigue between some of the station’s most powerful factions.

The Prophetess of Marakanda is a short adventure for Coriolis – The Third Horizon. It is ideal as a one-shot and for new players who want to get to know the setting and rules. But experienced players will also have fun! The PDF comes with five pre-generated characters to get started directly.

About me (the author)

I’m a novelist, playwright, and show director from Germany. And a nerd and a professional RPG author with over 15 years of experience. I published more than three dozen books for Das Schwarze Auge / The Dark Eye, including 15+ adventures and scenarios, three novels, and several short stories. Some of them won awards. Other works have been published or planned for Splittermond, Forbidden Lands, and more. The German crowdfunding brought me in contact with Coriolis and made me a fan immediately. For over two years, I have been running a successful campaign in the Third Horizon now.

The Prophetess of Marakanda is my third supplement for Coriolis. Check out my other modules, too!