5E Mini-Dungeon 192: RePaiR’D a MaGe

AAW Games Mini-Dungeon for 4–5 characters of levels 5-6

When young, Twiskaz loved marionettes, turning childhood curiosity into adult obsession. But her tutelage into constructs swung wildly between assembly and dismantlement, evoking chronic indecision about her future.

Mainomai, an automata devil, sensing a soul for its factory, revealed myriad ways to “make or break anything” to Twiskaz. But this duplicitous gift drove her beyond working with inanimate objects; now she lures living creatures to her workshop. With humanoids her next targets, she sends her mechanical familiar to ask the heroes to help remove “fiendish automata” damaging her workshop.

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

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