Brancalonia – Digital Lasagna MEGABUNDLE ITA + ENG


Based on Italian tradition, folklore, history, landscapes, fiction, and pop culture, Brancalonia is a SPAGHETTI FANTASY Campaign Setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game ever.

The Brancalonia Digital Lasagna is a BUNDLE that collects:

– Every Map used in the Setting Book, Daily Jinx 0-3, and Macaronicon, ITA and ENG version

– The Official updated Brancalonia Quickstart, ITA and ENG version

– Every Pregenerated Character Sheet released up to now, ITA and ENG version

– Official Blank Sheet and Fillable Sheet, ITA and ENG version

– The Official Brancalonia Artbook 

– Complete Digital Flat Miniatures Folio + Tokens (every monster and character from the Setting Book and the Macaronicon)

– Posters, Covers, Art Samples, and Vertical Wallpapers

– The Daily Jinx #0

[ITA] Brancalonia Digital Lasagna è IL MEGA BUNDLE DIGITALE all-inclusive che contiene: tutte le mappe usate nel Manuale di Ambientazione, nel Macaronicon e nelle Gazzette 0-3; il Quickstart aggiornato ufficiale del gioco, la pubblicazione speciale Brancalonia Balorda rilasciata per Lucca ChaNGes 2020, tutte le schede dei personaggi pregenerati rilasciate finora, la Scheda Bianca e la Scheda Compilabile ufficiale, il set di token digitali e flat miniatures, l’Artbook completo ufficiale del gioco e la Gazzetta del Menagramo #0.

On our page on Drivethrurpg and on our website you will also find any other Brancalonia handbook and utility.

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