Guns of the Frontier vol. 7

The first rule of survival in The Frontier is to never leave home without your trusty pistol, rifle or rocket launcher. And bring a grenade or two just in case.

This sourcebook for The Frontier, the shoot-and-loot sci-fi roleplaying game, introduces 8 new weapons and armor…

Amber Moon (rare battle armor): The universe doesn’t revolve around you but sometimes it’s nice to pretend otherwise.

Bloodbath (exotic combat shotgun): Each shell rips through flesh and contains nanobots that harvest nutrients and transfer them to worthier people, such as you and your friends. Best of all: you don’t need to worry what’s the blood type of that unlucky bandit at the other end of the barrel. Everybody is a universal donor!

Blue Thunder (uncommon autoloader): This handy pistol is equipped with a built-in wireless taser for non-lethal takedowns. You can also do pretty lethal takedowns by shooting them repeatedly while they’re shocked. Take some time afterwards to ponder the morality of this.

Holoclone (exotic recon armor): Every VIP knows that having a double is a great protection. With this armor, you can go two better.

Alcatraz (legendary combat shotgun): After careful analysis you’ve managed to identify the main problem with your targets: they keep moving! The patented energy restraint system on this shotgun offers the solution.

Overseer (legendary battle rifle): It’s like having your own personal drone, only this one is not for taking pictures.

Scalpel (rare combat shotgun): Load up with Shredder™ ammo to surgically excise the opposition.

Trapper Joe (uncommon pump shotgun): This shotty has a built-in launcher for when you have to bring them in alive rather than dead.

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