Path of the Primordial

Unleash your inner Titan!

The Path of the Primordial is a new subclass for the 5E Barbarian. A class beloved by many for its brutality and unrelenting rage. This supplement builds off of those characteristics while also creating opportunity for ample lore at your table along with its combat potential.

Long ago the Primordials, once fearfully called the Dawn Titans, roamed the Prime Material Plane as elemental embodiments of pure chaos. Few remain as they were struck down, or sealed away in some cases, by the Prime Deities. Some masquerade as deities themselves while others still roam the Elemental Chaos.

Not for the faint of heart, this subclass is for the Barbarian looking for a bit more chaos and desires to change the very forces of nature around them with their fury and unrelenting will!

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