Witches of Frostwyck: A Dungeon Age Adventure (5e and OSR versions)

The ancient world of Harth is dying, but you’re going to die even sooner if you can’t escape from Frostwyck.

You’re lost in a frozen forest of deadly predators and mysterious recluses. Your only refuge is the tiny village of Frostwyck, where metal is rare and kindness is rarer. And there are worse things in the shadows than mere bloodthirsty beasts.

Witches haunt the groves of the north. Most keep to themselves, content to guard their secrets and powers. But one torments them all.

Dama Zhadna has cursed the village so that none can escape. And now you’re trapped here. You’re going to die here.

Unless you find a way to defeat the Witches of Frostwyck.

 Campaign / Low Level / Exploration / Mystery / Village / Wilderness


Read the narrative of a play test of this adventure: 


  • This campaign is intended for low-level characters (1-4). It is primarily geared for exploration, social encounters, and general mystery-solving. Opportunities for combat lurk everywhere.
  • It runs 20 to 40 hours.
  • Players will confront a hostile wilderness and explore a small village full of deadly intrigue.
  • There are numerous NPCs as well as unique magical items and original monsters.


This product includes two separate PDF files, one for 5e and one for OSR-style games. This adventure was written first for 5e and then converted into an OSR-compatible version. In the OSR version, you will find (a few) 5e-isms and artifacts.  

 DM notes, location descriptions, NPC notes, dialogue prompts, stat blocks (now with descriptions!), original creatures, over 30 original treasures and magic items, and high-level maps.

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