May’s Alt-Version – The Caravanserai

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As you know, the idea behind our alt-versions is to reimagine and reskin the MotM, making it into a new location, without having to make a new map from scratch. So, with that in mind we sat down to convert the Adventurer’s Guild into the Caravanserai (winning option from the poll).

However, once we starting planning it out, and looking at plans of real caravanserai, we realised in order to make it work it would need new wall layouts for 90% of the structure. And new shadows and lighting. And all new textures. In fact, the entire thing would be made from scratch.

But we were really keen for the idea of a caravanserai, so we got on with it!

The pictures below show just how different the layout is to the Adventurer’s Guild:

So, in the end it turned out less of an ‘alt-version’, and more of a ‘similar building shape that is the same size but entirely different’

Anyway, we think it’s a really lovely useful map, so we don’t mind 🙂  We did a rooftop to go along with it, as well as a night version for adventures where the party don’t get the peaceful rest they expected.

All of these maps will be in the May reward bundle 🙂


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