The Lost Tomb of Kavir Island

This adventure follows your party as they go to Kavir Island in search of what has become of it. Kavir Island is an island just off the coast of the Obrik Penisula, near the town of Galalish. This Island was mystically surrounded by a dense fog a few months ago and since then, every adventuring party that has gone to investigate has not returned. Unknown to the party, Kavir Island is actually now a portal to a Demiplane of Dread ruled by the Dark power Togas and his Dark Lord champion Gorstad. The party must set sail to Kavir Island, find Togas’ tomb, discover the mysteries of the Dark Powers and attempt to reseal the tomb and escape. The tomb itself is a personification of Togas and is a death trap that preys on the party’s biggest fears and greatest desires. Will your party be successful in resisting the temptations, seal the tomb, and prevail, or will they simply replace Gorstad as the new Dark Lord.

A tier 3 adventure, meant for a party of 5 level 11 characters.

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