Announcement/Advertising: APRIL PACK – Village’s hope Miniatures

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                  We dream to make our own TRPG with Japanese anime vibes, and of course, we would love to share it with all of you guys! HOORAY! Join our patreon for this month batch of model this month theme is Japanese Hyakki Yagyō “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons “part 2 a yokai parade continued this time we have many ghost in the parade and a lot more japanese stuff a shrine , housing , villager, samurai ,soldier and ninjas! come with a japanese theme decoration item and a lot more STL in the welcome box only for 10$ (8$ promotion limited in numbers!) 

– What you will GET when supporting us:
Everyone over Tier2 will gain access to the Village of beginnings pack!

Village of beginnings Pack (Welcome Pack)
– The Hero (Yuusha) —we named him “Maxi”
– Hero’s companion — Thief girl
– Hero’s companion —the Sorcerer
– Guild receptionist (the one who gives you out the quests!)
– Flower vending girl
– Guardian Dragon
– A pack of basic bases (9 bases, and it will continue to pile up)
*More importantly, the beginner pack will CONTINUE to grow!
We will be adding AT LEAST “1 new minis” or “Scatter terrain” every month ☆
(the model added will be essential for the story)


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