Calling Cards

The only civilized way to leave a message; or sometimes a threat; or sometimes just to let someone know that you are WATCHING them.  In any case, the good folks at The Exploding Trousers Co, LTD. would like you to peruse our fine selection of custom Calling Cards.

Accept no Imitations!

Disclaimer: ETC, LTD. must stress to the user that our Calling Cards are not considered Official Identification as required to rent pigs, exotic weapons, or bodyguards.  Furthermore, the Management would like in known that ETC, LTD. can no longer print our ‘Executive Series’ cards to resemble a Concealed Wand of Fireball License.  Our regular customers will be pleased to know that we resisted surrendering our sales records to the Faerûn Bureau of Investigation (FBI), despite the threat of criminal conspiracy charges from the Masked Lords.  We, therefore, must insist that our customers to limit their requests for cards which bear their actual name and address.  You may have luck finding other, less scrupulous printers in dark alleys, who only take cash if you must print cards for some untoward purpose.  Yes, we are talking to you, Ms. Smith.


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