Codex of Tantalizing Insights

An original cosmic horror collection built to be setting neutral. The Codex of Tantalizing Insights contains:

  • Variant rules for madness and insanity
  • Helpful tools for running your own cosmic horror games and campaigns
  • 6 new cosmic horror themed subclasses
  • 6 new elder gods and cults
  • 8 new horrific monsters and rules for making weirded monsters
  • 6 new magic items tied to cosmic horror themes

Why should you get this compendium?

  • You have a table that loves all things horror or are looking for something new
  • You’re already running a cosmic horror campaign and are looking for some new rules, monsters, and ideas
  • You’re looking to make some strange and terrifying stories about discovering cold truths
  • You want to drive a constant wedge of paranoia into your group and make them think that the world itself is out to get them

This product is priced at $4.99


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