One-Page Critical Hits and Misses

Don’t waste any more time scratching your head wondering what spectacular thing should happen when someone rolls a Natural 20 or 1! Just have your players toss a d100. Let them know to roll low if it’s in their favor and high if it’s not.

This is a bare-bones d100 table for critical hits and misses that can be used by PCs, NPCs, and any other creature during a combat encounter. The One-Page Critical Hits and Misses chart does not include any narrative elements, making it infinitely versatile for your table. 

In this document, you will find optional rules for combat described in Chapter 9 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, varying conditions from Appendix A of the Player’s Handbook, and some extra nastiness derived from the classic Rust Monster of the Monster Manual, all combined into an easily printable and reliable resource. 

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