The Dare-Luck Club RPG Rule Book

Grab a hold of those handlebars –you’re about to launch into a nostalgia-fueled thrill ride that’s 3-parts fantastic adventure and 1-part time machine!  The Dare-Luck Club Rule Book gives you every thing you need to play through multifarious adolescent-adventures as a misfit gang of kids living in a deceptively quaint hometown.  -But under its surface, this whistle-stop is crawling with dangers no adult would ever believe: haunted houses, lost treasures, mob-activity, alien invasions, occult sorcery, and the effects of weird science, just to name a few! 

This role-playing game comes jam-packed with over 200-pages of information,–from designing your Dare-Lucker to the citizens and creatures they might face to advice on generating and running these escapades.  This book also contains a full-length starting adventure, “Mixing It up with the Mob.” …while sneaking an overdue book back into the library, the club learns about a mafia heist only they can stop!

Don’t just stand there!  Shave years off your age –bring this book back to your gaming group and enjoy the wild exploits of a youth ill-spent! You look just eccentric enough to be part of the club…  The Dare-Luck Club!

This product is priced at $10.00


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