The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters Digital Map Pack

This digital map package includes every location map featured in the full edition of the Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters.

The maps are stripped to their purest form—no legends or keys or little numbers that direct you to descriptive copy; all that information is available to you in the full version of the book. If you don’t own the full version, that’s OK! These maps will still be of use, but only as visual examples of generic settings that will occasionally include features for which you’ll have to improvise descriptions. Which is fine! That said, you’ll likely get a bit more use (and, if we do say so ourselves, enjoyment) out of this map pack when you pair it with the full version of the book.

If you are the (hopefully proud) owner of the full version of the Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters, you’ll find the maps presented here are organized by section as they appear in the book’s table of contents. You should also feel free to ignore the author’s original intention for these locations and use them however you like—that’s what they’re for.

Unless otherwise noted, the grid and scale of the maps is 1 block = 5 ft. Whether you utilize these maps in a virtual table top as part of an online campaign or take them to a professional printer and blow them up several hundred times so you can shepherd your players through a to-scale version of these locations in person, we hope you enjoy playing with this material as much as we did creating of it.

This Map Pack includes:

  • A PDF collection of maps for reference or home printing
  • An image collection of maps for use with virtual tabletop

This product is priced at $9.99


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