01Shots, April 2021

01Shots are mini adventures written in 2 pages (or less), without a lot of fluff. Adventures that a GM can quickly read at a glance and run. Something for the harried GM rushing to fill a gaming session, or for a quick, impromptu game. Page one is the adventure, page two offers character information and stats.

April’s 01Shots are two adventures of intrigue:


An Invitation:

The Heroes receive a mysterious invitation from the wife of the local Viscount.

“You are cordially invited to an Evening’s Festivities at the Viscount D’Pomeroy’s residence. On Redi, five Nonus at exactly five of the clock. Come attired in your finest costumed regalia” It is signed “Viscountess Amitee D’Pomeroy”

The event is in 5 days.


Accompany the Corpse

A mysterious man dies in the arms of the heroes, and he has a message for them.

“You are Desired to Accompany the Corpse of Gregory Sanford, late Deceased, from the Dwelling House of Abraham Oakanwall, by West Old Shiptown, on the eighth of Corantine. At one of the Clock Afternoon precisely, to Church of Fliph, Lower Oldwall;

        “And bring this Ticket with You”

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