Book of the Raven – a Candlekeep Mysteries resource by Eventyr Games

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Book of the Raven” is an entertaining treasure-hunt adventure with  elements of horror for 3rd-level characters, involving wereravens and  all the mystic allure of the Shadowfell! These resources provide you  with tools and thoughts that will help you make the adventure an  exciting experience for your players – and much more manageable for you  to run.

The module includes:

  • Full Color VTT-Ready Encounter maps, with 3 of my maps
  • DM’s Guide. Suggestions and troubleshooting for running Book  of the Raven, as well as fleshed out encounters featuring wyverns,  goblinoids, and trolls for the Map of Mystery!
  • Encounter Sheets. Statblocks for all the creatures  not featured in the adventure book itself neatly arranged together on  sheets so you don’t have to flip through multiple books at the table.
  • Magic Items. Handouts for all the magic items in the adventure + 2 new magic items!

The book is on sale at DM’s Guild  for $ 3.95 

(Discount available for Eventyr’s patrons)

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