Codex – Leviathan (Issue 43)

Codex is the RPG magazine published by the Gauntlet gaming community! Each issue features a variety of games and supplements organized around a theme, loads of original artwork, and a custom layout.

Inside Codex – Leviathan:

We Have Lost A short-form story game about the death of the Empress, and the courtiers she left behind.

A Night at the (Whaling) Museum A new mystery for Brindlewood Bay! The Murder Mavens are attending a charity gala at the Brindlewood Bay Whaling Museum and Education Center when a graduate student with deep roots in the community turns up dead in one of the exhibits.

From the Belly of the Beast In this Trophy Gold incursion, the treasure-hunters are exploring the interior of the last balindrakir, a titanic, whale-like creature that portends the end of the world.

Fall Guys In this Brindlewood Bay mystery, the Murder Mavens are attending a local wrestling promotion when the champion, “Earth-Shaker” Clayton Barbossa, is found dead in the locker room!

Leviathan’s Bridge This Trophy Gold incursion was the winner of our 2020 Trophy Gold Writing Contest. Explore the rich, fascinating goblin haven of Seeker’s Rest while attempting to reach the temple at the end of the whale bone bridge stretching overhead.

That Colossal Wreck This Trophy Gold incursion harkens back to the classic adventure modules of the 70s and 80s with an exploration of a legendary shipwreck and an underground temple. Can the treasure-hunters survive the horrors below and abscond with Lord Selveror’s treasures?

Three Dozen Things at the Bottom of the Sea A miscellany

10 original illustrations

A custom layout

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