Detroit by Night

The violence and urban decay of Detroit is the subject of much embellishment, but there is some truth in the stories. A city of skyscrapers and major industry, the best days and nights of the Motor City are seemingly behind it. But mortal Detroit is a paradise compared to the nightly carnage of the Sabbat. With no archbishop to govern them, surviving to sunrise sometimes depends on a pack’s collective courage, cleverness, and a little bit of chance. Most unenviable of all are the peacekeepers, the enforcers, who do what they can to control the chaos in a city of anarchy.

Storytellers using Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition can use this book to craft Sabbat chronicles set in modern Detroit, with a special emphasis on episodic procedural-style stories. Whether they serve an ambitious bishop, a Black Hand commander, or a visiting Inquisitor, player characters can be the agents of order and justice (or injustice), with advice on this format and its advantages and disadvantages. This supplement is best used for an action-oriented game.

Detroit by Night includes:
• A list of notable NPCs in Detroit, including from the Black Hand and Inquistion;
• A thorough but concise history of the Sabbat in Detroit;
• An outline of the major neighborhoods of Detroit, with Cainite domains; and
• Storytelling suggestions for running an episodic procedural-style game.

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