menhir planets

Explore the strange caves and landscapes of the Spire Galaxy and uncover a cosmic force that would rather be left alone. Menhir planets is a push your luck, card based, single session tabletop RPG best suited for a GM + 2-4 players.

Using a standard deck of cards, crew members will gradually build personal decks and draw cards to complete tasks as they delve deep into one of the many caves found in the Spire. As they explore, crew members will discover menhir crystals, a cosmic rarity only found within this galaxy that is said to hold enough energy to power entire planets. The crew will quickly learn these crystals are more dangerous than they appear and will have to collect as many as they can while trying to make it back to the ship alive!

Menhir planets is easy to setup, fast paced, and easily adaptable.  While intended to be ran as one-shot, single session game, you can easily create an anthology of expeditions within the spire galaxy. This system is open to modifying, remixing, and hacking too!

Menhir planets was made for PIGSquad Tabletop Jam 2021 with the theme A Harmful Resource. The menhir crystals the crew will find are not only a valuable resource to humanity but will help crew members succeed on tasks more easily. However, the longer the crew spends time with the crystals while on the planet, the more and more dangerous they become!

Also included with menhir planets is the short, one-page dungeon The Caverns of Chimney Rock. This module is meant to be an example of what an adventure using the menhir planets system might look like! Explore the ruins of Chimney Rock and bring light to what these caves really are!

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